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We understand how confusing it can be selecting the FL medicare supplement insurance plan that fits your unique situation. Our team will take the time to understand your exact needs to find a policy that fits your needs and your budget.


Medicare and all its many components, rules, and dates can be an overwhelming issue for many seniors and their families. Our goal is to help make understanding how the insurance program works and to help you sign up for the plan that best fits your lifestyle and medical needs. Florida Medicare doesn't have to be overwhelming, and we hope this brief guide gives you a start on knowing what direction you would like to pursue. When you are ready to initiate the process of narrowing down your Medicare plans, we would love to help you get signed up.

How to apply for Medicare?
If you meet the requirements of eligibility for Florida Medicare enrollment, you can begin the application process during your initial enrollment period. This is between the three months before your 65th birthday, your birthday month, and the following three months, a total of 7 months. If you do not get signed up for Medicare in that period, you are still able to do so during the "general enrollment period," which falls annually between January 1 and March 31. If you wait until the general enrollment, your coverage will begin on July 1 as opposed to January 1.

If you are already enrolled in Medicare, and no longer are satisfied with your plan, you can change your plan each year during Open Enrollment. This annual event falls between October 15 and December 7, with your new coverage beginning on January 1. If you would like assistance with your Florida Medicare enrollment, fill out the quote form or call and talk to a representative.

Florida Medicare Part A
Medicare Part A often is referred to as hospital insurance. This is because it helps recipients to cover the costs associated with their inpatient care at a hospital or a skilled nursing facility. This does not apply to custodial, or long-term hospital or nursing facility stays. Medicare Part A does help to cover hospice and some of the expenses of home health care, should certain conditions be met.

Generally, there is no premium cost for those enrolled in Part A. This applies to those who paid Medicare taxes while working or those who had a spouse who worked. Those who did not pay are still able to pay a premium for their Part A coverage.

Florida Medicare Part B
Medicare Part B, or Medical Insurance, is the Medicare plan that assists subscribers in covering the costs associated with doctor's services and any outpatient care. Medicare Part B also covers some of the expenses that Part A does not, such as physical and occupational therapy, and parts of home health care. It may additionally include medical supplies deemed medically necessary.
A deductible applies to Part B plans, which must be met each year before Medicare Part B will start to pay its share of covered expenses. In 2012, the annual deductible was $140. It is possible in some circumstances to get assistance with meeting this deductible.

Florida Medicare Part D
Medicare Part D plans are often referred to as drug plans, as they help subscribers to afford better the costs associated with their prescription medications. Medicare Part D plans need to be chosen carefully since each Medicare Part D plan is allowed to form its formulary or list of covered medications. Then, they are often sorted into tiers, designating different price points for various drugs. Comparing formularies and tiers can be very significant in saving money with a Part D plan.

Supplemental Medicare Insurance
Florida Medicare supplement plans are often referred to as simply Medigap. There are ten different types of supplemental plans that are offered by private insurance companies. The plans are Parts A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N, and are used to help Medicare subscribers cover the "gaps" that are left using Medicare. What do Medicare supplement plans cover will vary depending on the chosen provider and plan, but the amount of coverage will be the same across different companies.
Many find supplementing with Medigap plans financially beneficial, as there are many things that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover, leaving a lot of out of pocket expenses that subscribers are expected to pick up. Supplements can help to reduce the out of pocket expenses related to prescription drugs, extended hospitalizations, or outpatient procedures. Even though it will cost more money monthly, it can end up saving a lot of money over the course of a year. Depending on the plan chosen, it is possible that the supplemental insurance will provide coverages that are extra. This might be emergency medical coverage when traveling outside of the country or help with the costs of nursing homes.

Medicare Advantage
Florida Medicare Advantage plans are the same as Medicare Part C. These plans are alternatives to traditional Medicare Parts A and B, offered by independent insurance providers. Medicare Advantage plans provide the same benefits as a Part A and B plan, often with additional services, but all in one plan (as opposed to several, independent plans). These plans operate to limit and assist with payments for subscribers out of pocket expenses. Unlike traditional Medicare Parts A and B, Advantage plans are likely to include additional coverages, such as dental, vision, and more.

Medicare Advantage plans are often either HMOs or PPOs. HMOs require the use of doctors, specialists, and hospitals who are in-network, and require your primary care physician to give referrals should you require the use of a specialist. PPOs, generally, have larger networks and are less likely to require the use of a referral. Because Medicare Advantage plans are set up as HMOs and PPOs and are set up as a single plan, they are more similar to employer provided insurance than traditional Medicare.


Who is eligible for medicare supplemental insurance? +

As long as you meet Medicare requirements, you are entitled to sign up for any supplemental insurance plan in your coverage area.

The conditions for being eligible for Medicare are:

  • Individuals who are 65 and older who are also legal residents of the United States
  • Those who, or who have spouses who have paid into the Medicare system via their payroll taxes
  • SOME legal aliens who have been in the United States for a consecutive five years or more
  • All individuals who have received a diagnosis of end stage renal disease, or kidney failure, will be able to sign up
  • All people diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • After a two year waiting period, individuals who receive Social Security disability benefits can benefit from Medicare
How much does medicare cost? +

There are a multitude of factors that play into what you can expect to pay annually for your Medicare benefits.

The price will vary depending on:

  • What plan you choose
  • Whether or not the plan carries a deductible
  • The plans monthly premiums
  • Your copay or coinsurance for your medical visits and your prescription medications
  • If, and at what rate your prescription medications are covered by your plan
  • Whether or not you hit the donut hole
  • Whether or not you qualify for extra help
  • Your income
  • Your location

The price can also be affected by how long you paid into the system with your payroll taxes. For instance, those who paid in less than ten years before receiving benefits will pay higher premiums than those who paid for more than a decade. The same goes for individuals who did not pay into the system at all. They can still receive benefits but will pay higher premiums.

The only way to accurately determine what a plan will cost you is to compare plans and calculate specific price points. If you would like assistance with this, fill out our quote form today.

Why should you purchase your medicare plan from our agency? +

Instead of representing a single insurance provider, our company is independent and represents multiple, top-rated companies. This means instead of trying to force you into a plan that fits our best interests; we can focus on your interests, and use your specific needs to shop the competition. What this means for you is that not only do you get matched with the best plan, but you often end up paying significantly less. The costs of plans offered by competing companies can vary tremendously, which makes our system of comparison financially beneficial to you.

We also save you a lot of time. Researching plans, calling representatives, explaining your situation and calculating costs is time-consuming, and not something you are probably very familiar with. We are, it is what we do every day. This gives us the ability to sift through the information quickly, which means you only have to deal with the information pertinent to you.

Should you have additional questions concerning what does Medicare cover, what will it cost you personally, or how to choose a plan, please give our office a call today. Or, fill out the convenient quote form and a representative will contact you at the earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you understand what Medicare is, and how it will affect your life.

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